Thursday, February 19, 2009


A very cool article about biomimicry - the use of natural processes and phenomena to solve human design problems.


"As a biologist, I see us as a species among species, and that means everything we make and do is natural. When we make a product or build a building, it's akin to a robin making a nest---it's an extension of our bodies, and just as subject to natural selection. The real question is not "Is this product or behavior natural?" but rather, "Is it well-adapted to life on earth over the long haul?"

Anything that we design-a product, a process, or a policy--has to ultimately pass muster in the biological realm. It has to help us thrive, but it also has to keep the habitat in tact for our successors. A robin building a nest and an architect building a building should have the same concern: "How will the chicks fare here?"

Another quote:

"We humans are at a turning point in our evolution. Though we began as a small population in a very large world, we have expanded in number and territory until we are now bursting the seams of that world. There are too many of us, and our habits are unsustainable."

Fascinating stuff. Enjoy! Beckmania.

Biomimicry: An Interview With Janine Benyus

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